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Shandong Xinlong Group lies in Wanggao Industrial Park,Shouguang city, which was established in 1989,and covering 1200000 m2. The group including 7 subsidiary companies now, IncludingShandong Xinlong Alkali-chloride company, Shandong Xinlong Technology Co.,ltd., Shandong Xinlong International Co., Ltd. etc.

As the largest domestic provider of perchloroethylene(PCE) & trichloroethylene(TCE) and aleading producer of caustic soda, Shandong Xinlong is a leading enterprise in chlor-alkali industry in China.

Xinlong's main products consist of PCE,TCE, Trichloroethylene, Silane products and Caustic Soda,and the business profit is increasing steadily. With globally advanced equipment,technology,Xinlong's products not only have good sales in Chinese domestic market,but also are exported to many countries of the world, including USA, South Asia, etc.

Shandong Xinlong International CO.,LTD.is one of subsidiary companies of the Shandong Xinlong Group, which is charge all import & export business of Shandong Xinlong Group.


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